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I have to admit I didn't expect Christmas to get under my skin this year. 

It has been an "interesting" year in our family to say the least and there could be several reason's for this to not be hailed as prime Christmas territory. But, the spirit has gotten into my bones this time. Family is scattered from California to Montana; to Wisconsin; to New York, Vermont, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and oh yes, Virginia.  Still, there is a closeness this year that is different. All six kids are healthy, employed (or that best of all worlds, a student) and doing well. Got three Grandbabies and one on the way. And I am starting a new adventure in self-employment. Whoo Hoo!! 

Best of all, Nancy has consented to put up with me for another year. We seem to be adjusting to both of us being around the house more reasonably well, we haven't killed each other and are enjoying ourselves a bit.
One thing that I know has affected my mood has been going up to Wise and wringing the bell for the Salvation Army for the last three days. 
I am not particularly altruistic. I do it more for me than anyone else. I have been talking, joking with folks, generally having a grand time ringing the bell and getting in the spirit of giving by watching folks give to help others. I decided to ring the bell this year after not doing so for several years. I had forgotten what an enjoyable experience that kind of interaction is. This year's decision to do it again was one of my best as far as Christmas is concerned. 
I have the sound of that bell in my head (yes I do have some other sounds in there as well) from when I was a kid. It is a good, solid, ding, ding, ding, that is like no other at Christmas. We all know that sound and what it means. I am proud to say that I rang the heck out of the poor little thing in my usual subtle way and loved it. Thankfully my dinger arm didn't wear out until the end of today's session.
A last thought on that... We have all seen the news reports about the Salvation Army being behind in its donations this year. I have an opinion on that (me, an opinion, no, really?). It isn't that people won't give. They will with a smile and a Merry Christmas. It is there are not enough people ringing the bells, standing by the pots and just being there to allow the giving to take place. I have had all kinds of folks put money in the kettles. Folks with money and those with a lot less, all gave. Parents put money in their children's hands to teach them the tradition and a whole host of other little interactions took place that proved to me that just maybe we ain't all grinches, or, dare I say it, Congress.
Maybe next year you will join in the fun. It's needed and it's worth it.
I said last time that the next blog would be: "Who Is This Guy and Why Does He Talk This Way." Well I have postponed that topic until next time because, like I said... I am in the Spirit. Gonna go back to Church tonight for the first time in a long time. 
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone.


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